Emerald City is Glowing again!

Remember Emerald City?

The 1500 tree planting done in 2022 by Conservation Volunteers Australia got this nick name for obvious reasons! All those little tree guards towering on the hillside. Well, with such a busy year post-flood doing house renovations we had temporarily lost sight of the city… we couldn’t see the trees for the weeds. But no more! Emerald City is once again glowing in the morning sunshine.

For the past month we have been brushcutting our way in to re-discover each tree. We then would lovingly lift each guard, give them a weed, replace the guard and (if needed) hammer their stake back in nice and strongly. At times we despaired as the Ragweed had grown way over our heads. It was hard going, but we did it! All 1500 trees have received their VIP treatment. It is so satisfying to see just how much many of the trees have grown.

Of course it isn’t the end of the maintenance and there is way more work to go keeping the weeds at bay and we have now turned attention to tackling the Lantana, Camphor and Cocksbur clumps in the zone. However we are careful not to completely clear the thick vegetation areas so that the bandicoots, echidnas, and many small birds including rails, quails, finches, wrens etc all have a place to shelter.

Loving this renewed focus on the land and its wild inhabitants.