“If We Care We Can” now in print

Remember the children’s story, “If We Care We Can” which Abi Andrews and Renata produced in 2021 as an online digital story.

Well in the second half of 2023 we worked with Green Hills Publishing to see it published in print. We were super excited (and greatly relieved) when the boxes arrived in early December, just in time for Christmas distribution.

All proceeds* (minus printing/postage) from the sale of “If We Care We Can” are donated to protect forests and wildlife. We have chosen two special organisations to support (50/50)

–  North East Forest Alliance NEFA

–  Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

“If We Care We Can” is a story for children and young people which promotes empathy and understanding towards wildlife and the environment, inspiring optimism and empowerment and helping humans realise the power of collaborative action. Acacia, a tiny Squirrel Glider, is rescued, raised and released by wildlife carers. When she learns that her new forest home is about to be logged, Acacia plans to save the forest by collaborating with the other animals and humans alike.  ‘If We Care We Can’ is uniquely illustrated through a series of collages, melding photos, drawings and scanned flora and other artefacts contributed by more than 25 artists and photographers. The “If We Care We Can” website profiles all these artists and their work.

In the lead-up to Christmas Renata did some local displays and sales events at Rock Valley Hall and Lismore Farmer’s Market.

You can buy a copy online or read the digital version for free. Consider following us on Facebook or Instagram and perhaps promote the book to family and friends.