Inter-species Love

Fig at the back, hugging Luna tight

You may remember we moved Fig and Foxglove the pademelons down to the outside yard before their wallaby friends, because they had outgrown the indoor enclosure for very small ones, and were being held back by our twin wallabies T1 and T2, who had been ill and were not quite ready to go outside.

Foxglove and Fig were overwhelmed by their newfangled freedom, so much so that they actually remained quite stressed for a couple of days. They didn’t seem to like being in the primary yard on their own, so we moved them into the big yard to join the melon gang of six slightly older pademelons: Tilly, Bamboo, Roma, Inca, Stinky and Honeydew.

Once the twins were well enough, we brought them down to the then empty primary yard, with the rest of the gang in that age bracket: T1, T2, Bussy, Faye, Star and Luna.

Fig and Foxglove hadn’t settled well into the big yard either, and would curl up together away from the bigger animals, uncertain about joining the boisterous fray at feed times. They saw their old friends through the fence that divides the two yards, and started to run up and down along the fence line, touching noses through the wire.

So we decided to put Foxglove and Fig back into the primary yard with the gang they are bonded to. This team of wallabies and pademelons have been together for months now, and are firm friends. Foxglove and Fig are evidently much happier with their old wallaby friends, and now showing no signs of stress. They are all back to snuggling up in the hammock together. They really do seem to form friendships across species lines!

don’t ever leave me again!

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