Spying on the bandicoots

Remember the two little bandicoots that have been in care at Araucaria? They are growing up fast. We put a camera in with them one night to spy on their antics. Here are some snippets of the footage. A big thank you to Allirah for going through the MANY videos and stills and selecting the best!

We had some wonderful names put forward for these two before we found out that they had already been named Coco and Crash at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. The tennis inspired two suggestions (Ash and Dylan – Ash and Barty). Renata’s sister Narissa came up with Cyrano (Cyrano de Bergerac famous for big nose) and Pino (for Pinocchio). But we reckon the prize goes to Renata’s mum who suggested Band-aid and Band-age. We are going to save up those names for the next bandicoot bubs in care.