The High School yard is (finally) glowing green…

One of the hidden jobs of macropod care and release is managing and maintaining a release yard. The past 12-18 months has been really hard for many wildlife carers, with the drought really making the task of keeping grass and other plants alive and available for hungry mobs of joeys very challenging. Through the long dry we lost almost all our edible grass, and had little left in the yard but weeds and plants that the wallabies wouldn’t eat.

For the last 3-4 months we have been working very hard to weed the yard and try and get the grasses growing again. We have planted more Lomandras for the joeys to hide in, and more native trees for shade and for the joeys to nibble on. It has taken many, many hours, but finally the yard is looking pretty good, and the grasses are finally growing. A huge thank you to Kym and Abi for their help. Weeding is always much more fun while chatting to friends!

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