Welcome Home Wally

Wally Wallaby with broken rib

Ten days ago we took delivery of a little male red-neck wallaby from Green Pigeon. He was in a really bad way – clearly in lots of pain and it very quickly became obvious he had a broken rib. We contacted Vet Bree from Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital to discuss the little guy’s prognosis. After some good pain relief and subcut fluids overnight we delivered him to Bryon Bay and into Bree’s capable hands!

Xrays revealed that the broken rib had damaged his lungs. He was put on IV fluids and more pain relief and antibiotics. None of us thought he would make it — but with the wonderful care provided by the staff at Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, little Wally (as they named him) gradually started to pick up.

Yesterday Wally came back home to Araucaria Sanctuary. He has furred up so much since his rescue and is bright and very eager for his bottle. He still faces some issues before he is fully recovered, but we are so delighted he has made it so far! A huge shout out to Vet Bree for all her support and the team who were looking after the little guy through his trauma.

You can view a video of Wally while he was at the hospital on their Facebook site.