Whose who (at the moment) in the “zoo”

The busier we are, the longer between news updates…. But time for a roundup of who we have in care and how they are all tracking. Starting with the oldest.

Thyme, Mintee and Sage are now on soft release. They started spending days outside the high school yard at the beginning of December, and are still going back in to the safety of the yard at night.

You might remember Thyme had a badly broken leg when she came into care in May, so it is wonderful to see her doing so well in the big world.

Cotton, Flannel, Jute, Calico, Denim and Poplin are all now in Primary school. As is the tradition with all joeys, they spent a good hour or more racing around at high speed on day one, and now are a lot more relaxed, laying about in their hammocks, getting up for occasional snacks and to chill out under the Lomandras.

Calico, Flannel and Poplin on their first day in Primary.

The fruit bowl in Infants has been topped up, with 9 little hungry mouths to feed and furry bums to wipe. Strawberry, Kiwi, Midgenberry, Ginger, Wampi, Guava, Mango and Nashi – oh, and the only non fruity joey – Romeo – are all doing well.

Mango is now out of all leg bandages after a bad break on one leg and ligament/tendon damage to the other. He has mastered the art of standing and walking now, and is just starting to try hopping a little. Every day we see him get stronger and stronger and we are confident he will make a full recovery. His friends in the cot – Guava and Nashi – give him lots of encouragement.

And then to our youngest…. Cranberry. We are just so proud of her! Since she came into care with eyes closed on 10th November she had a few setbacks, but she is a little fighter and is now doing so well! Gobbling her milk, loving sunshine time and cuddles. She even spends the warm days off heat and is holding her temperature just fine! Go little Cranberry!


It has also been a big month for gliders. We have a female Squirrel glider who came into came when her home was chopped down and some of her family died. She has a little while to go till she is old enough for release.

As yet unnamed Squirrel Glider Girl

We were then also joined by three Sugar gliders who had been in care with Jeanette and were ready to move to a forever home. They are growing up fast, and are a gorgeous instant family, able to snuggle up and keep each other warm – although we do need to make sure they all get their share of milk and no one bully glider gets it all!

The three Sugar gliders from Jeanette

There was also another male Squirrel glider, found by our wonderful helper and Sanctuary friend Kym, in her own yard. He was covered in fly eggs and seemed at first mildly concussed but otherwise uninjured. However sadly his condition didn’t improve and the vet determined he was unlikely to recover from his head injury. We were glad Kym found him and he at least had a chance to be fed and kept comfortable.

And finally, we are excited that two of our pademelon mums have joeys that are starting to pop their heads, tails and knees out of the pouch. We haven’t managed to get a grand-joey photo yet… but we have the camera at the ready!

Pademelon mum