Farewell Tess

Today we say farewell to “Our Tess” who has been with us at Araucaria since May. Tess lost her rental in Lismore in the floods and did so much for so many assisting flood clean up and recovery, including spending many hours and much love at the Trees not Bombs cafe. By May she was seeking a new environment and place to recover, and we are so fortunate that chance led her our way.

Tess has contributed so much at Araucaria in a relatively short period of time. She helped us build the newer release yard and has resurrected the vegetable garden after a period of neglect from us.

Tess worked with the Bangalow Koala team on the huge 7500 tree planting, but then went on to spend many many days putting stakes and tree guards on thousands of the small vulnerable plants.

She also was a much loved contributor to the CVA planting. We will never forget Tess learning to knit in the paddock!

Tess has explored the nooks and crannies of our beautiful bush and done much weeding, planting and other Landcare and bush regen activities. AND of course she has wiped many little wallaby bums and fed many hungry mouths as well.

We are going to miss Tess very much, but are very hopeful that she might return one day if the stars align. We wish her all the best in this next phase of life…

Thank you Tess for the beautiful parting gift.