Gliders away!

For the past three months Abi has been caring for gliders – two Sugar gliders and two Squirrel gliders. Arrow came into care first on 15th October as a little 23g cutie. He was soon joined by Amy who was slightly bigger. Then at the beginning of December Beau arrived and in January Kyle, who was larger but still needing milk.

Over the days and weeks they all grew bigger and bigger and were able to be paired off with each other and then moved to separate sections of the aviary. All the time Abi gave them loving care – catching grasshoppers every evening (their favorite!) and delivering their banquet of milk, flowers, insects and other tasty morsels.

Abi and Ben put up several new gliders boxes, preparing extra housing for the four of them. Last week Kyle and Amy took their first big adventure outside, and then this week Beau and Arrow.

Abi captured some fabulous photos of Beau and Arrow on their first night out. Arrow was straight out exploring, while Beau was a little more cautious and stayed in his box a bit longer.

Stay safe little guys and go on and make lots more little gliders!