Saving Zera

Last week Renata attended a rescue at Goolmangar. All we were told was that a wallaby had become tangled in a fence and had an injured leg.

Expecting the worst, we assumed it would be an adult. However when Renata arrived she discovered a 2.8kg juvenile red-necked wallaby, hiding under a fence panel. The joey would still have been dependent on milk from her mum, but that wasn’t her main issue. She was surrounded by flies and, as Renata and the residents approached she bolted off, but with clear injuries to her leg.

With help from the local family we managed to catch the joey. Her leg was very bruised and swollen and had some deep lacerations. She was also covered in maggot eggs! Renata took her straight to Lismore Vet Clinic where she was examined and xrayed. Thankfully there were no broken bones

Zera, as she has been named (meaning “new beginning”) is receiving the “special treatment” from Don and she knows she is loved and cared for! The swelling and bruising is starting to decrease and she is moving a little more easily. We hope she will make a full recovery.