Happy Batties

Triggy and Bratty bats are doing really well in care. They have settled into their daily care routine, with four milk feeds a day, bath time, sun time, shirt time (for social/emotional well-being) and yoghurt time (mmmmm… watch the video below).

Flying foxes are such misunderstood animals, and so unfairly vilified. In fact they are incredibly intelligent creatures, with complex social systems. Mothers have a very close bond with their pup, which makes it all the more traumatic when these little guys are orphaned.

Remember only vaccinated wildlife carers should handle bats. If you do find a bat in distress, call your local wildlife group.

Flying fox pups love yoghurt, and it is a good way to help them put on weight. While we start off teaching them good table manners, like most little-uns, neat eating takes practice!

Teaching Bratty bat to eat yoghurt
Table manners don’t come naturally…. and YES, he did get a bath after this!

Photos by Lea, yoghurt picture and video by Abi…. all from a safe distance!