Big changes ahead

It is quite some time since we have posted an update from Araucaria. The past 6 months have been a difficult time for us. Not only have we been continuing in our recovery from the big flood, but we have also had to come to terms with some major changes to our wildlife care. For a whole range of reasons (not of our choosing) we are taking an indefinite break from taking macropods into care. It has been a VERY difficult decision for us to make, and we are heartbroken not to be able to continue helping the many joeys that need carers… but sometimes things just happen for a reason and this big change in our life has many positive outcomes – not the least that we are relishing 7 hours sleep a night! 

We have decided for the near future to invest our time and energy, heart and soul, into the care of Araucaria’s flora… catching up on maintenance of the 9000 trees planted in 2022, venturing into areas we haven’t visited for some time and doing LOTS of weed control. We know that this work is just as important to the wildlife living here, and we want to focus on learning more about the many species of animals, plants and fungi that reside at Araucaria. 

Since 2011 we have cared for more than 400 macropods, from the tiniest of pinkies through to adults. Not all of them made it through to release but each one of them had a name and was loved and cared for as best as we were able. As we watch our foster-joeys grow, and our grand-joeys and great-grand-joeys thrive, we are reminded of how special they all are and how they all deserved a chance to survive. We are proud we were able to help give them that chance. 

We particularly want to express our deep, heartfelt thanks to all our true friends who have helped us (and the joeys) over the past few years, and particularly those who have supported us in these difficult past months. Your hugs, your understanding, and your respect has been invaluable in getting us through. 

We have learnt so much about wildlife caring over the past 12 years (the good and the bad). It is time for us to learn much more about the flora and fauna that live alongside us. So we are brushing aside the tears and moving on to a happy phase of caring for country in a different way. 

Expect more updates and photos in the coming months! 

Cedar (released 2015) with her 7th joey. Her prevous daughters are now mothers themselves.