Catching up on the Current Cohort

We haven’t posted an update on the many joeys in care for a while. So we thought we’d share a selection of photos of JUST SOME of them. More photos to come in future news.

“Nurse Melaleuca” – She is very concerned to look after all the other joeys and stands beside and comforts any that are feeling unwell
Mr Grey – temporarily in care while he recovers from injuries. He will be transferred to a different carer when his wounds heal
Wally on his way home from a vet checkup – he refused to keep his head in the pouch and wanted to look at the scenery.
The ever-photogenic “flea” of a joey – Puppet. Bound to bomb any photo shoot.
Mr Grey – up and about and feeling better – but lots more healing to do on his tummy. That’s Wally in the foreground!
Evie 2 (Little Evie) – Munching on pink spaghetti (our nickname for the new growth from a Riberry)
“Back-room-boy” – a big boy who had suspected concussion. We are hoping he will make a full recovery
Evie 1 (the big Evie) munching salad – and supervised by Miffy the Pademelon
More cuteness overload from Puppet
A short-term visitor – A Brush Turkey chick who had been attacked and lost some feathers. He/she recovered well and was released