The not so furry inhabitants of Araucaria

Thanks to our good friend Amanda’s recommendation we recently purchased a copy of this excellent reference guide… “Wildlife of Greater Brisbane”. It is prompting us to take the time to ID some of the smaller and less furry creatures that live at Araucaria. Renata has also developed an App to manage our Flora and Fauna species sightings.

Here are just some of our recent discoveries.

Mallotus Harlequin Bug (Cantao parentum)
Found and photographed by Abi
Iridescent Semi-slug (Ubiquitarion iridis)
Fraser’s Banded Snail (Sphaerospira fraseri) – ID to be confirmed
Red Triangle Slug (Triboniophorus graeffei)
Giant King Cricket (Anostostoma australasiae)
Snail-eating Caribid (Pamborus alternans) – ID to be confirmed
This one is dead, but we have seen other live ones.

We are hoping one day to discover a Shorter Rainforest Ground-beetle (Nurus brevis)- a threatened species thought to be in this general area – Similar to this guy but bigger and with a green metalic shine.