Wild – and Wet!

Graduation day is always a mix of scary and exciting… yesterday seven joeys had their first day out in the world… five wallabies – the Twins (T1 and T2), Star, Busboy, Faye – and two pademelons – Figgy and Foxglove.

They had only been out for an hour or so when the all the red-necks turned up soaking wet and covered with duck weed. Clearly someone had the bright idea of going swimming in the dam on their first day out! Sodden, and no doubt a bit cold, they asked to go back into the yard where they sat in their familiar places in the sun.

Day two out in the world, and Faye already has a wet tummy – so she can’t have disliked the swim too much!

Abi took some great pics of their first day out.

Fig – checking out the dam. Maybe she lured the wallabies in like a mer-melon
Heading out into the big world…
First two out the gate… T2 – and Faye’s ear! T1 and Star arguing about who goes next!
Faye – facing off with more food than she could imagine
Foxglove – looking glamorous as always
And a great action shot…

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